How to make money with AFFILIATE MARKETING for beginners 2021

Yall, affiliate marketing is my JAM and I usually make $500-$2000 a month with it! Today, I’m sharing what exactly affiliate marketing is, how to get started with affiliate marketing and how to make money with affiliate marketing step by step!

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Affiliate Programs Mentioned:
Amazon Associates
Reward Style

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0:00 – Oh hey, girl!
0:23 Intro
0:33 What is affiliate marketing?
0:49 How to participate in affiliate marketing program
1:38 How affiliate marketing works
2:34 Affiliate marketing Tips
4:04 Pros of Affiliate Marketing
5:57 Con’s Affiliate Marketing
7:15 Have a strategy
8:12 How to get started with Affiliate Marketing step by step
9:11 Summary
9:21 How I’ve used affiliate marketing
9:59 Outro

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